KP4 Exhibition Tournament Registration


KP4 Exhibition Tournament Registration


KP4 is introducing a new line of Exhibition Tournaments to take place Sunday Oct 7, 2018. These tournaments will be smaller in scale than the main Krump Pow events, and will showcase a variety of new events:

  • Rapier(steel)

  • Saber(steel)

  • Smallsword(steel)

*Each registration grants entry to ONE event, so entrants may tailor their registration to include only the events they wish to participate in.

**Rapier and Smallsword will be taking place at the same time, so it will not be possible to participate in both

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The KP4 Exhibition Tournaments will all take place on Sunday Oct. 7, 2018

*NOTICE: Rapier and Smallsword will occupy the same time slot, so it will not be possible to participate in both*