Volunteer KP4 Tournament Registration


Volunteer KP4 Tournament Registration


:This Selection is for Volunteer Registration:

  • Volunteers will assist KP4 staff by refereeing rings and/or scorekeeping during tournaments

  • If you wish to serve as a volunteer, register for the events you wish to participate in under “Volunteer KP4 Tournament Registration”

  • Volunteers receive a discounted rate for registration at checkout(see **** below)

Krump Pow! 4: “The Krumpening” will see the return of our most popular Krump Pow! tournaments!

Each “Volunteer KP4 Tournament Registration” grants a single entry to one of the following events:

  • Longsword (Steel)

  • Singlestick

  • Mixed Synthetic (All shield sizes allowed!)

  • Mixed Steel (No longsword, rapier, two-hander)

*Each registration grants entry to ONE event, so entrants may tailor their registration to include only the events they wish to participate in.

**Each person may register for a maximum of 3 Krump Pow! 4 tournaments

**Does not include Class Pass

****Enter “VOLUNTEERKP4” at checkout to confirm volunteer status and apply discounted registration

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